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IP Network Consulting

Scalable and secure IP networks enable wireline, wireless, cable and content service providers to pursue new revenue streams and a lower-cost services infrastructure.

Increasingly, operators are moving to a single infrastructure. An IP/MPLS backbone serves as the network foundation, efficiently supporting a mix of voice and data services, as well as wireless and wireline. As services transition to IP, operators must secure both users and the services against threats previously limited to wireline networks.

Expertise in building complex network solutions

Cypress Consult provides expertise in building these complex network solutions that help operators evolve to a secure, converged IP infrastructure. We build our solutions closely with strategic partners to integrate mobile, wireless and wireline products into end-to-end solutions for core, RAN, and IMS. Four of the top ten operators in Europe have used our expertise to build their wireline, wireless, cable and content service provider network infrastructure solutions.

We care for your network

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