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Network Consultant role

Role Description Network Consultant 

In this role a Network Consultant will work on short- to midterm projects all around the world for customers who have a need for experienced and skilled Consultants  to address their need . Minimum 6 years design, implementation, and operational experience in advanced large scale IP networks. 8 years experience preferred. Experience with direct customer contact and presentation skills. Education – BSEE, BSCS or equivalent experience and certifications

Specific Qualifications

Operational knowledge and experience with the following products: Juniper Networks, CISCO, Redback, Netscreen, Unisphere Networks, and/or Nortel Products.

Skills and Competencies

Technical Skills

· Detailed technical experience in the configuration and operation of IP routers. This includes hands-on operation of management tools and network analyzers.
· Experience in fault isolation logic and techniques.
· Detailed understanding of IP protocols. These skills MUST include:
o TCP/IP fundamentals
o IP subnetting and supernetting and hierarchical routing principles
o Routing protocol operation and interaction (RIP-2, OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP-4)
o Routing protocol (IGP and BGP) design principles and scaling techniques
o Routing policies at BGP peering points
· Detailed understanding of Layer 2 protocols:
o Frame Relay
o DS0 – DS3, OC3 – OC192
o PPP, PPPoE, and PPPoA , HDLC
· Knowledge of MPLS concepts. (Hands-on experience a plus).
· Knowledge of Internet Services such as NATs, Firewalls, Caching, DNS, DHCP, and RADIUS a plus.
· Knowledge of broadband technologies such as DSL and Cable Internet a plus.
· Knowledge of Cisco IOS, Juniper JUNOS , and/or JUNOSe
· UNIX and scripting skills (shell, PERL, Python, PHP) a plus.
· Understanding QOS provisioning systems or policy managers is a plus.
· Experience with VPNs and the associated tunnelling technologies (L2TP, IPSEC, GRE, MPLS, etc.) is a plus.
· Extensive experience in fault isolation logic and techniques. 

Communication Skills

· Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form.
· Effectively liaison between customer and Juniper Networks staff.

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