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Associate Consultant Program

Cypress Consulting will offer the opportunity to any Contractor or Freelance Consultant to join our Associate Consultant Program. The objective of this program is to create a long term mutual beneficial relationship between Cypress Consulting and Contractor. Some elements of this program are: 

  • Cypress Consulting will invest time and resources to acquire interesting projects for the Associate Consultant.
  • Cypress Consulting will invest in the Technical Expertise of the Consultant.
  • Cypress Consulting will pay approved invoices of the Associate Consultant within 8 days.
  • Cypress Consulting will provide a Business Card to the Associate Consultant with the title Associate Consultant and a Cypress Consulting email address.
  • The Associate Consultant will receive a bonus based on the total amount of worked fulltime days during a calendar year. 
  • The Associate Consultant will be part of the Cypress Consulting community. 

You may contact us for more information on this Program!

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