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IPv6 Migration

The depletion of IPv4 addresses is an immediate concern facing service providers and large network operators of all types. In the very near term, service providers will need strategies and tools to help them deal with the depletion of IPv4  addresses while starting their eployment of IPv6. IPv6 and IPv4 are not interoperable out of the box, and this causes certain technical challenges. Moving abruptly to an IPv6-only network would put service providers at a competitive disadvantage for two reasons. First, there is very little content available on IPv6. Second, there are many devices and applications today that can only work in an  IPv4 environment. 

The future of the Internet is going to certainly include both IPv6 and some form of “natted” IPv4 with technologies such as Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN AT) for many years.  

Our consultants have been involved with some of the largest carriers in Europe to determine their IPv6 deployment strategy. We have expertise in the various techology alternatives related to IPv4 and IPv6 integration, such as CGNAT, NAT44, Dual Stack.

• Service provider and Enterprise IPv6 migration strategies
• IPv6 network design and proof of concept testing
• Network Audit and IPv6 readiness analysis
• Detailed knowledge of Core and Access IPv6 deployment scenarios
• IPv6 in the access network and subscriber management
• Carrier Grade NAT design
• IPv4/IPv4 Co-existence strategies


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